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It truly makes sense, when you think about it. No one person is alike, so it stands to reason that no one person loses weight the same way. That is the premise behind the Cohen diet that is crossing the oceans from Australia to the USA.

So, what is this Cohen diet that is making waves through out the world? It’s a unique diet that is based on each individuals blood test results. The plan for eating is tailored to the results of the blood test and what will work best for you. Through many years of research and a data bank consisting of thousands of programs along with their results. Dr. Cohen, the creator of this plan, is not only a nutrition specialist but a specialist in fertility and hormones.

While many dieting plans are high protein, low carbohydrate, or low fat, the Cohen diet is one that’s specific to you, the dieter. Dr. Cohen takes your blood test results and based on that blood profile, prepares a dieting program that will help the body get rid of the excess fat it’s been holding on to. He does this without making you weak or hungry in the process. The diet does not require special pre-packaged foods, but foods that you would have in your kitchen anyway. There are no costly supplements or pills to take, as this is a natural process. Additionally, when you near your body’s natural goal weight, Dr. Cohen prepares another individualized maintenance or Refeeding program specifically for you. This takes you off the weight loss programs and helps you ease back to normal eating, ensuring that the weight you’ve taken off is truly gone forever.

Exercise is a great way to burn calories, but it’s not recommended that you start exercising until you are healthier, on the the Cohen Diet. If you do already exercise, you should continue at the same level you’re already partaking. You are encouraged to listen to your body and if there is too much pain, refrain from exercising until your weight is under control.

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Cohen Diet – The Cohen Personalized Weight-loss Plan

Some people are clueless when it comes to health and diet. They try various ‘fads’ and the most popular programs, but continuously yo-yo with their weight and health goals. Lacking results from an ineffective program can cause an overall lack of ambition and make it hard to stick with a diet. Unfortunately for most, the word ‘diet’ is misunderstood.

A diet is simply the way you eat, and the way that you eat has a profound impact on your weight and overall health. Being able to combine the right foods in the proper portions can cause you to loose weight, keep it off, and feel younger and better than ever.

The cohen diet is a personalized weight-loss plan focused around healthy eating. Dr. Cohen has developed his overall program after years of research in South Africa, and personalizes each program to fit the individual. The program stands to nutrify your body while keeping you feeling full and satisfied. Some diets focus solely on things like protein intake or counting calories – worry about none of that on the cohen plan. Simply put they do not work and can have the reverse effect on an unhealthy body.

Where other diets fail Dr. Cohen’s succeeds using the science behind food and how the body uses it for fuel and recovery. It is a program which is easy to follow and uses a good variety of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. No supplementation, no pills, just using food as your medicine and making your medicine your food.

Cohen Diet – The Cohen Personal Eating Plan

With so many diets and exercise programs on the market, it’s hard to make an informed choice. Many of these may work, but many of them may not. The Cohen Personal Eating plan is more than a diet: it’s a sound approach to utilizing food for weight-loss and increased health. The program is backed by years of research and scientific research. While certain foods trigger the body to store more fat, the proper combination of foods can have the opposite effect. Once your body begins getting the right kinds of foods, in the right amounts, all of it’s functions will improve. So is the cohen diet – a personalized eating plan for the 21st century.

What Makes the Cohen Diet Different?

The Cohen diet is a weight loss plan that uses a person’s blood work to determine the types of food to eat. The diet was created by a doctor with the same name. He began his medical career as a cardiologist in South Africa and later specialized obstetrics, where he began to see the influence that obesity has on the body. He took his research deeper and arrived at the conclusion that when unbalanced the hormones affects a person’s weight gain. His natural conclusion was to create the cohen diet program, which targets the hormones to put them back in balance thus causing weight loss.

How does the Cohen Diet Plan Work?

First, anyone considering the cohen diet plan must first have blood work done that consists of sugar and liver function tests. The results are then sent to one of the many 1st Personal Diet centers. These centers are primarily throughout South Africa and Australia but is also being promoted in the United States. As you can image, this diet isn’t cheap. The cost of the Dr. Cohen diet is $249. This doesn’t include the meals or the blood tests, which are additional. Once the results are in, a personalized diet plan is designed.

The Benefits

The cohen diet program uses regular food to correct and restore hormonal balance. Therefore, there are no pills to take or shakes to drink. In essence, the food combination becomes the medicine to cure obesity. In addition, there is no need to count calories. This is a diet designed to teach a person to eat a balanced food diet geared to recreate hormonal balance.

There’s no extra cost for meals since regular food is consumed. There is nothing really off limits and to offer creativity cohen diet books are available.

Results May Vary

Men seem to lose weight faster while women tend to lose over 15 pounds within the first four weeks and up to 40 pounds in the next 12 weeks. In addition, results will depend on how much weight a person wants to lose and how well the plan is followed.

Who is Responsible for the Cohen Diet?

Dr. Cohen is a cardiologist who shifted medical gears to obstetrics where he helped, through artificial insemination, couples conceive. During his work, he began to see a pattern with obesity and how it influenced the body. This interest ultimately led to his research and creation of the cohen diet plan.

Through his research, Dr. Cohen learned that obesity is caused by an imbalance in a person’s hormones. The cohen diet program is based on the regaining a hormonal balance by eating particular foods. Each diet is personalized to fit each person. So no two people will have the same diet—similar but not identical. By eating foods that help regain balance will help a person lose the weight. This isn’t a diet that restricts a person from eating certain foods although there is a component that is extremely restrictive if a person wants to lose rapid weight.

The Blood Work Diet

Each participant must have blood work done that reveals his sugar levels as well as liver function. Once completed, the results are sent in for analysis to one of the 1st Personal Diet Centers. There are centers around the world. In fact, on the main site, there is a page dedicated to the many diet centers, which include the United States, South Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom. With this diet, you may be able to eat chicken, vegetables, eggs, coffee and other meats depending on the results of your blood work.


The Cohen diet plan is thorough and therefore it isn’t cheap. Its cost is around $250 and that doesn’t include the cost of the blood work or the individualized meal plans.

Opponents of this diet say that because it isn’t backed by scientific evidence, besides Dr. Cohen’s research, there isn’t any proof that a weight loss program based on blood work results work. The cost is another possible deterrent. However, for advocates of the Cohen diet, this type of hormonal balance diet makes complete sense. Additionally, being backed by solid research from a medical doctor and that this diet doesn’t require any pills that can be harmful makes it a weight loss option that shouldn’t be dismissed.

Cohen Diet Information

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